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Why would Depo Energy conglomerate owner of Dallas Texas Richard Akland lie?

On February first, 2011, Richard Akland was informed about COO Bernard Brown's recent fraud and patent infringement lawsuit regarding Brown's dismal handling of Posture Pal which received an F from the Better Business Bureau for 21 complaints and about the lawsuit being re-opened.

Richard Akland responded on February 1st that he takes the fraud charges seriously and that Bernard Brown no longer has any part of the company.

Recently, a document from the Public Utility Commission of Texas proved Richard Akland a liar that Bernard Brown is in fact the company's COO dated February 11, 2011 and again on March 1, 2011.

Every company has the right to choose their employees. The question begs to be asked if Depo Energy does any fact checking on their possible employees.

Richard Akland was given easily checked information regarding a fraud lawsuit with the US District Court of Northern Texas where files are public record.

The Better Business Bureau also is public record where a person can check to see whether or not Posture Pal which was run by Bernard Brown did receive 21 complaints.

One possibility is that the Posture Pal company was not put on the resume.

If you Google people's names, it is easy to check on people. This is a common practice for companies to check to see if their possible future employees have any kind of baggage that could be damaging to their company.

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Typo. It is Richard Aland, not Richard Akland.

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