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On February 1, 2011 Richard Aland, Chairman and CEO of DEPO Demand Pooling located at 12720 Hillcrest Road, Suite 1045 of Dallas Texas was made aware of their COO's, Bernard Brown, fraud lawsuit, and ranking of an F from the Better Business Bureau of 21 complaints of taking people's money and not delivering product from Bernard Brown's previous experience of running a company.

Mr. Aland wrote to Chris Geisert in an email on February 1, 2011.

Mr. Geisert,

Please be advised that we regard these charges, whether accurate or not, as serious and, as a result of your threats, which could have the effect of damaging our business, Bernard Brown has been forced to step down from his role in DEPO Energy. He has no roll in Demand Pooling Global Services.

I assume this satisfies your objective in contacting me; however, I must advise that if you issue or arrange a press release or any item which incorporates our company's name in the press release or other item, in any fashion or in any location, we will consider it an attempt to interfere with our business and will take immediate appropriate action.

Richard K. Aland

Chairman and CEO

Demand Pooling, Inc.

12720 Hillcrest Rd. Suite 1045

Dallas, TX 75230

Chris Geisert wrote Richard Aland as he found out that Bernard Brown was President of Depo Energy and was going to restart his fraud lawsuit against Bernard Brown which was previously dropped because it appeared no money would be able to be collected from Bernard Brown to make Geisert whole.

As Richard Aland lied to Geisert, Geisert did not reinstate the fraud lawsuit against Bernard Brown which was recently dropped with the US District Court of Northern Texas.

It was just recently found out that Bernard Brown, is in fact current COO of DEPO ENERGY, LLC which sells electricity to state and local governments. Bernard Brown was previously CEO of Posture Pal Inc which sold Geisert's invention.

Richard Aland lied to Geisert about dismissing Brown and thought that he wouldn't find out.

While at Posture Pal, Bernard Brown was demoted from CEO by Geisert for not keeping the accounting up to date, and lack of information about the business given to Geisert. Brown then told Geisert that Geisert was not part of the company.

This was true as Bernard Brown had let all the Posture Pal companies become terminated many months prior and did not tell majority shareholder Geisert and was pocketing all the money from sales and was infringing upon the patent.

Geisert then transferred his patent back over to his personal name as he was 51% majority shareholder and filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Bernard Brown.

After doing more research, he then added fraud, breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duties and interference of contractual relations to the list.

Bernard Brown wrote many motions to dismiss the lawsuit which were all denied. The Judge granted all complaints against Bernard Brown to go forward.

After moving 2 times and complaining of not receiving the court documents which Bernard Brown failed to tell the plaintiff or court that he moved, Bernard Brown was facing the second stage of trial, Discovery where he must hand over all the documents.

Geisert already had the documents from the State of Delaware that the companies were abandoned, re-instated and then abandoned again. Geisert figured that Posture Pal companies were re-in stated to prove that the companies were in fact up to speed but the dates would show that Bernard was already caught in the fraudulent act.

The worst part is that Bernard Brown continued to take customers money and not send any product to the customers, racking up 21 complaints with the Better Business Bureau.

Geisert learned from a Google search that Richard Aland lied to him regarding Bernard Brown from a file from the Public Utility Commission of Texas Aggregator Utility Listing dated on February 11, 2011 and March 1, 2011 that Bernard Brown is in fact COO of Depo Energy LLC.

Here is the link.

Geisert is now working on re-opening the fraud lawsuit against Bernard Brown, COO of Depo Energy.

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